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The Hubble Telescope took a photo of an extremely rare and incredibly beautiful phenomenon that astronomers call Einstein’s “molten ring”.

In fact, the images show the galaxy “GAL-CLUS-022058s” from the constellation Fornax. According to NASA, this phenomenon is attributed to the “gravitational lens”.

The galaxy is the largest and one of the most complete “Einstein rings”

“The narrow galaxy, elegantly curved around a spherical companion in this photo, is a fantastic example of a really surprising and very rare phenomenon. Hemisphere Fornax “- said the space agency.

Astronomers call it “melted” because it looks a little strange – like it actually melted from the heat. The phenomenon is named after Albert Einstein because it was the brilliant scientist who suggested the existence of such rings.

And its shape can be explained by the refraction of light and the effect of gravity. We usually see such galaxies without “gravitational lenses” because they are too far away and dark.

We used to write that astronomers found a twin on Earth in the “habitable zone”. In addition, the scientists managed not only to receive a mysterious radio signal from space, but also to name its source.


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